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Redrhino HQ at Lapalala

Public speaking competition on Rhino Poaching and Biodiversity Conservation

The four winners and three judges for this year’s public speaking competition on rhino poaching. Prepared by Mashudu Makhokha, LWS Director and Redrhino Board member

The competition was Held at Lapalala Wilderness School, and a great success. Although the 2020 competition was reduced to 20 children from 10 schools, the standard was high. There is no doubt that the participation of these young people in the competition is a great way of starting a conversation in the local communities about rhino poaching and biodiversity conservation.

The names of the top four and the prizes they received are as follows:

  1. John Chauke (Leseding Secondary School, Vaalwater),
  2. Sikalo Mmatshwene (Lemetja Secondary School, Ga – Dipere village), Voucher for school Uniform for R3,000.
  3. Ephraim Pontsho Ramashita (Nkgoru Secondary School, Ga – Nkgoru Village), Voucher for R2,000 for study aid material.

Fortunate Maphuthi Malope (George Langa Secondary School, Marulaneng Village), Voucher for R1,500 for stationary materials.

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