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Redrhino HQ at Lapalala

Lapalala Wilderness School  –  Celebrating Heritage Day

On 24 th  September 2021 we at the Lapalala Wilderness School celebrated Heritage Day in style!

We hosted a public speaking competition recognizing the International World Rhino Day.

The competition attracted thirty three Grade 10 children from different high schools in the Waterberg.

Each participant had between three and five minutes to speak on the following subject:  “What are the social, political and economic impacts of rhino poaching in South Africa?” Each speaker was Required to develop an argument, whilst presenting possible solutions to the impacts and challenges of rhino poaching.

The speakers were fairly judged by a panel of judges from different organizations who agreed that considering the age of the speakers the Standard was extremely high. How encouraging to hear passion and enthusiasm of the speakers for this complex and challenging subject, Embracing issues such as community involvement, the economic importance of tourism and the many values of a healthy rhino population in the country.

Prizes for the five top speakers included much appreciated laptops, school uniform grants, stationary and goodie bags. Each participant was presented with a beautiful rhino shield to commemorate the event. A great time was had by all!

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