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Redrhino HQ at Lapalala

Beekeeping 2021 From the LWS Team at Lapalala

It’s hard keeping up with the activities of the Lapalala Wilderness School educators.

This week the Team learn about Beekeeping!

Never a dull moment at Lapalala! If the team are not working on their life saving First Aid skills and knowledge (See Safety First At LWS!), they are honing in their various skills to be shared with fortunate learners who visit the School on life changing visits.

This week we join the LWS Team as they tell us why bees are so important to our lives, and how future learners visiting Lapalala will understand how important they are to life on planet Earth.

“Bees are vital for the preservation of ecological balance. They provide one of the most recognisable ecosysten services i.e pollinating, which is what makes food production possible”.

LWS staff members attended a bee-keeping course to learn how to start their own bee colony.

“The plan is to set up a few hive boxes in our Wilderness School and not only to enjoy the true honey, but to use this as an educational tool for the learners who visit us. The course was facilitated by Native Nosi”

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