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Redrhino HQ at Lapalala

Safety First at LWS!

Safety of visiting learners, teachers and visitors takes presedence at the Lapalala Wilderness School.

In order to prepare LWS staff for any and all medical emergencies at the School, Team LWS educators recently undertook their Level 3 First Aid course.

Here they share their feedback.


From 4th to 6th October 2021, LWS staff attended the Level 3 of a comprehensive First Aid course covering the principles of advanced primary emergency care in health emergencies in the workplace. The result being that course graduates achieved an advanced level of preparedness, to deal with any medical emergencies in the workplace. This included managing a multiple injury emergency/disaster scene while demonstrating both knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human body, and how to deal with the dangers of specific disorders and diseases.

In addition the course covered the handling of primary emergency life support for adults, children and infants including the management of shock, conducting a secondary assessment of the victim/s of a medical trauma emergency and maintaining appropriate primary emergency care.

By using a systematic approach to first aid, the first aid courses are designed to help learners to work logically, efficiently and effectively when assessing and managing an emergency. Hands-on practicals such as wound dressing, Heimlich maneuver, CPR on adult, child and infant were all undertaken. It was a very fruitful course as we know what to do in case of emergency as we host learners of different ages on a weekly basis. Special thanks to our instructor Mr Sammy Milanzi from EMCARE”.

LWS Educators feedback October 2021 (condensed)

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