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My Wilderness Collection

The Craig Foster scarves

MAKER OF MY OCTOPUS TEACHER and co-founder of the Sea Change Project.

When the Oscar winning documentary My octopus teacher graced international screen, it sent ripples of change and awareness around the planet. 

And now, Foster’s images will help change the world again, in collaborating with Redrhino Wilderness Scarves to support environmental education at the Lapalala Wilderness School.

The Collection

My Wilderness is a unique scarf collection celebrating environmentalists who work tirelessly for planet Earth. 

We are honoured to present two Craig Foster scarves depicting his personal wilderness, the Great African Seaforest where he dives every day. 

Craig’s making of My Octopus Teacher began as a personal journey  embedded in a deep need to feel part of the natural world. Daily dives without a wetsuit in his neighbouring kelp forests on the Capetonian shores, he adapted to the cold as his ancestors had done before him. Craig’s octopus teacher showed him how to move like a creature of the Sea Forest, and Craig’s gentle and sensitive nature gradually came to be within this wild natural world.

The Scarves

Both scarves carry a message from Craig.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the cooling of the human heart towards nature."

- Craig Foster -

Craig’s Octopus

Craig took this image of the octopus high up in the kelp forest canopy, and for a long time he could not understand why the octopus exposed itself to its predators in this way.

Eventually, a new discovery both to himself and to science, he realised she was looking for kelp limpets which she was injecting with poison to bring it back down to her den to eat.

The Octopus continues to teach Craig something new every time they meet. 

Craig’s Kelp Forest

Craig took this image in one of his favourite parts of the kelp that he calls the Enchanted Forest, home to many octopus.

Its wilderness – the sheer abundance of species – can be seen if you look closely at the scarf. The Great African Seaforest is an underwater wonder which is crucial to our common future’s survival.


Each Craig Foster scarf comes wrapped in a unique scarf box with accompanying cards telling the story. The  entire packaging is plant-based, fully recyclable and compostable. 

Supporting Nature

A collector’s item, these unique scarves are both a fashion and conservation statement in support of the Lapalala Wilderness School; a  beacon of hope, educating future conservation leaders. Our planet is depending on them.

As a token of gratitude to Craig Foster and the Sea Change Project for collaborating with us, Redrhino donates a number of scarves to the above to support their fundraising efforts, whilst the total profit of Redrhino sales are donated directly to the Lapalala Wilderness School at the closing of each year.

One Craig Foster scarf will educate 2 disadvantaged children for one week at the Lapalala Wilderness School.

for further information about the work of Craig Foster and the Sea Change project, please visit