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My Wilderness Collection

The Jane Goodall Scarf

Redrhino and Dr. Jane Goodall – together for Nature conservation

First in the new ‘My Wilderness’ scarf collection, in appreciation of individuals who work tirelessly for the benefit of planet Earth.

 Dr Jane Goodall DBE is collaborating with Redrhino Wilderness Scarves in support of the Lapalala Wilderness School in the Waterberg, South Africa.

The Collection

Redrhino’s My Wilderness Collection introduces places in nature of personal significance, chosen by the individual conservationist featured.    

Our first scarf in this series, we are proud to present the Jane Goodall Scarf, celebrating the lifelong dedication of  Dr Goodall;  is a leading and highly respected international conservationist, primatologist, writer, speaker, champion of chimpanzees, and in short defender of our planet Earth.

Dr Goodall has generously made available her image of Jane’s Peak for our collective efforts, for which we are most grateful.

The Scarves

The Jane Goodall scarf depicts Dr Goodall peering across the lush forests of Jane’s Peak high in the hills at Gombe Camp in Tanzania, where she began her ground-breaking study of wild chimpanzees.

This vibrant scarf is digitally printed in Italy, and carries a quote from Jane; 

My dream is to educate young people to make change  - and to help save planet Earth

- Jane Goodall -


The scarf comes wrapped in a unique, fully compostable, sleek box which carries a greeting from us and Jane Goodall scarf cards.

Supporting Nature

A collector’s item, this unique scarf is both a fashion and conservation statement in support of the Lapalala Wilderness School; a  beacon of hope, educating future conservation leaders. Our planet is depending on them.

As a token of gratitude to Dr .Goodall for collaborating with Redrhino, Redrhino donates a number of scarves to the Jane Goodall Institute to support their fundraising efforts, whilst the total profit of Redrhino sales are donated directly to the Lapalala Wilderness School at the closing of each year.

One Jane Goodall scarf will educate 2 disadvantaged children for one week at the Lapalala Wilderness School.

for further information about the work of Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute please see